Wohoo – Gina Miller Guest CT!

I get to be on Gina Miller´s CT as a guest here in November! This is fantastic and I am soooo excited!
Look at my new bling:

This is going to be a rocking month!

Here is my first LO using the fab kit “Foxxy” available at ginamillerdesigns.com – it is a collab between Corina Nielsen and
Gina Miller! Can you imagine anything more yummy?


And…some news from Denmark! It is SNOWING!! Can you believe it? I love snow, but it is freezing cold! :) Well bye bye autumn..godday winter :)

Shop shop shop

Okay I went shopping today..again..I know :) But scrapartist.com is having a 30% off sale, so I couldn´t help myself! I got a lot of yummy stuff !
thriftchicpapers700_kimchristensen.jpgthriftchicelemprev700_kimchristensen.jpgKim Christensen´s Thrift Chick – just love the colors!

And a whole bunch of Michelle Coleman goodies:

 And…I couldn´t help me! Ida has some new alpha doodles in the catscrap.com store! So I went ahead and bought the lowercase alpha and numbers :)

Catscrap.com – my new love!

I found the most amazing digishop site! And it is Norweigan! So close to home :)
Well the name is Catscrap.com and there is 4 amazing ladies as designers! I am really amazed by their work..and look what I bought!


You can get ALL this at catscraps.com!!

Losing weight.. and a smashing new CT!

I decided a long time ago that I needed to lose some weight hehe..but now I am actually doing someting about it! I am joining the Biggest Loser challege – the digi way! It is such a great initiative started by Shelly from DST – I can´t wait to get started for real! And to be the old slim me (that is..pre-Jacob LOL).

 Here is a LO I just did using Ashley Olson´s newest kit Neon Burst available at thedigishoppe.com tomorrow! I think I am getting the Katie fever, since I really love layouts with lots of popping colors these days!!tostand2.jpg

New CT – wohoo! 

Something amazing happened! Tiff Brady asked me to be on her CT! I was like..WOW- of course! I have everything from her store at PDW, so this is going to be sooo much fun! Be sure to have a look at Tiff´s amazing offer Grab a bag tomorrow at PDW :)
Look at my beautiful fun new blinkie! tiffct.gif

Oodles of Doodles!

If you are a doodle fan you NEED to go get these doodles by Ash Olson at thedigishoppe.com!

Here is a preview of the collection with all 5 sets – $5 only!
Here is a LO I made with some of these gorgeuos doodles (the doodes are uncolored, so you can color them as you like!)


What a terrible day..

Woke up with the worst soar throat ever! Pain in my ears, headache and a cough you won´t believe :(
But what is even worse is that my precious son is feeling exactly as bad as I am – and he is running a fever too!

So I took him to the doctor, but he said it was just a flu thing and I had a negative streptococ test – so no antibiotics for me or ds..boohoo..

So right now he is sleeping and I am lying on the coach hoping the flu will go away soon – oh the joy of being a mom with a son in daycare!

Helping mom with the laundry – and a LO

My ds wanted to help me doing the laundry..

“Tra lala la la la” – this is not sooo bad!


WOUPS! Mom discovered me – it was suppose to be a surprise! :)

Thanks for the help, sweetie!

And then I LO I made with yummy designs from Jessica Bolton, Tiff Brady, Lauren Reid and Gina Miller! I took the photos yesterday using my new tripod and a wireless remote control. Love how it turned out!
hangingout2.jpg For full credits (and maybe some love LOL) click here!

Learning to stand

Lately Asbjoern has been trying to stand up, so we thought we might should help him..but he thought it was funnier to EAT the wagon  – LOL :) 


And of course we had to take the wagon for a spin – big success!



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